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Creative ability and Good visualization

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Holli Kai Image Consulting, LLC is much more than a fashion haven, but we focus on each customer and his or her individual needs. Our clients are very unique and we pride ourselves on customer service and being able to bring your vision into life!

We are committed to working with you to develop your brand. A brand that is
designed to communicate to the public that “this is who we are, and this is what we do”. We provide and experience to help discover your voice and discover your gifts.

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We all know how our closets can become a bit cluttered, season after season we
collect a wide variety of styles and sizes that we outgrow and grow bored with. Our closet consolidation program will assist in the organization, donating and reselling of your items.

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Your image is your business card! It is a large part of who you are as a
person/brand. We are so delighted to be able to walk this journey with in
developing your image. Identifying your specific need, and assisting you in focused development of your image!

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Some say, “Shopping really isn’t for me” We have a very skilled team that takes pride in not only selecting the right look for your special event, but setting the tone for your new leash on life! Let us do the legwork for you!

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Whether it be themed photo shoots for a special occasion, or the casual date night out with you spouse. We are here to make your day even more special and tailor your looks to perfection!

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Holli Kai Image Consulting, LLC. (HKIC) was established for the creatives in the world. In a world full of people who color in the lines, HKIC chooses to paint off of the canvas. Our clients are our life size canvases with their own eclectic point of views. We are a unique creative firm committed to making sure your style and image are tailored to shout to the world who you are. We take pride in bringing your image to life by inspiring through the gift of garments.



You can order our products at home and we will be happy to deliver them to you



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